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Video: DUI Reporting for Physicians, Nurses and Licensed Health Professionals

How and when physicians, nurses and licensed health professionals should report a DUI to the Department of Health, Board of Medicine and Board of Nursing.

Video Transcription

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. As a professional licensing attorney for doctors and nurses and other health care professionals, I often asked what to do when you receive a DUI or a DWI.

First, contact a good criminal attorney. Second, contact a professional licensing attorney. There are some very difficult decisions that need to be made. First, should you immediately self report? Well, this depends on if you truly have a drug or alcohol addiction. Second, should you report to the Department of Health now or at a later date? All of these decisions are unique to the individual and they really need to be assessed. Making the wrong move could put yourself into an interventional program that could last three to five years and cost you thousands of dollars when you don’t need to be there in the first place.