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Video: Administrative Complaint Process for Licensed Health Professionals

What to do if you receive an administrative complaint or letter of investigation from the Florida Department of Health or Michigan Department of Community Health. Professionals licensing attorneys for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, mental health workers and all licensed health professionals.

Video Transcription

Hello. Thank you for stopping by. What is the administrative complaint process is a question that I’m often asked as a professional licensing attorney. Many think that the administrative complaint process is similar to the civil process. The two are completely different. The administrative complaint process is a quasi contractual process setup by the legislature to govern all of the facets of obtaining a license. So if your a doctor [physician], a nurse, a pharmacists, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, anyone with a professional license with the state, you will be govern by the administrative complaint process.

The process has four basic elements to it. First, there is the investigation. You will receive a letter. You’ll receive a phone call. You’ll be notified that someone is investigating your license as a result of some type of informal or formal complaint that’s been made.

Then there is the due process. Due process determines if there is sufficient evidence to move forward. And then there is the formal complaint process followed by the administrative law judge hearing (ALJ hearing).

These are complicated processes that need a professional licensing attorney to help protect your license. Remember, you’ve work very hard to obtain your license, to obtain the quality of care you provide. Let a professional licensing attorney, such as myself, help you protect that license and make sure that the best foot is always put forward.