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Video: Licensure Applications with Criminal History

What to do on the licensure application if you have a criminal history. Attorneys for help with nursing, medical and other health license applications in Florida and Michigan.

Video Transcription

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. As a professional licensing attorney for doctors and nurses and health care providers, as well as students, I’m often asked about the application process when you have a negative criminal history. The question is, am I automatically precluded from being a doctor or nurse or other health care professional.

The short answer is no but the long answer is, it really depends. There are some convictions that will automatically deny you a license to practice medicine. However, there are some convictions that are in the gray area, then it depends on the application that you put together. It depends upon the circumstances in which you where convicted. It depends on who you are today.

My suggestion, contact a professional licensing attorney to help you put together your application so that you are presented in the best light possible in front of the Department of Health and therefore increase your chances of actually obtaining that license that you worked so hard for.

Being a nurse is a rewarding and privileged profession. Daily you are called upon to make difficult decisions that effect the lives of so many people, and now you need help. If you’ve received a phone call or an investigation letter from the state licensing board or the Department of Health ((DOH) (MDCH)), do not talk to the state investigator until you’ve equaled the playing field by retaining competent professional licensing counsel.

If you have already spoken to the investigator, call me Ron Chapman, as soon as possible. Remember, the investigator works for the State and is not your friend. The investigator has one goal, to collect sufficient facts to prove that you violated one or more licensing regulations. Do not help the investigator by giving a confession, verifying facts or making an uninformed statement.

I’ve had the privilege of working with healthcare professionals for over twenty years. Please call me, Ron Chapman. The first thirty minutes is free. Together we can protect your license and your livelihood.