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Video: Board of Medicine Investigations and Complaints

What to do if you receive a complaint or letter of investigation from the Board of Medicine in Michigan or Florida. Professional licensing attorneys for the defense of physicians and licensed health professionals.

Video Transcription

Welcome and thank you very much for stopping by. You’re probably here because you’ve received an investigative letter from the Board of Medicine or a complaint from the Board of Medicine. These are two very different documents that require two very different processes.

Let’s look at the investigative letter. This means the Department of Health (DOH / MDCH), the Board of Medicine (BOM), the Licensing Regulatory Authority (LARA) received some sort of complaint and they’re looking into it. They want to investigate it. You have three options. Do nothing and force the State to prove they’re case. Or, you can provide a written response or offer to attend an interview, or do both. The decision to do nothing or to respond requires guidance from a professional licensing attorney. I personally like to offer a written response was well as an interview. I believe that during that process you can show the investigator exactly why you did or didn’t do whatever it is that you did or didn’t do. It will be my job then to gather all of the evidence and all of the facts and put together a response that best supports your cause.

Following the investigative process, if the case is not dismissed, there will be a formal complaint. Now the formal complaint one is a public document and all of the proceedings from this point forward will be available to the public. We must respond with an answer to the complaint. Then we must prepare our case. This means we have to talk to experts. We have to gather all of the facts. Everything that is at our disposal to prove that you were within the standard of care and that whatever you did or didn’t do was justified. Once we’re able to do that we have a strong position. Then there is an attempt to settle before it goes to an administrative law judge hearing (ALJ).

Regardless of if you have a Board of Medicine investigative letter or complaint, seeking the advice of a professional licensing attorney, such as myself, can really help with your position. It can help you and your family achieve the best result possible result under the circumstances. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to talking to you.