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Video: Board of Pharmacy Investigations and Complaints

What to do if you receive a complaint or letter of investigation from the Board of Pharmacy in Michigan or Florida. Professional licensing attorneys for the defense of pharmacists and licensed health professionals.

Video Transcript

Welcome and thank you very much for stopping by. You’re here because you’ve received a letter from the Board of Pharmacy and in that letter there was either a formal complaint or there was a letter of investigation. Both of these are very serious processes. Remember, you’ve worked very hard to become a pharmacists. You support yourself and your family through your practice of pharmacy. Its your duty and its my role to protect your license as a pharmacist.

When you’ve received one or both of these documents [a Board of Pharmacy complaint or a letter of investigation] there are very specific processes that you need to engage in.

Let’s look at the complaint. The complaint is a formal document saying that somebody at the Board of Pharmacy believes that you committed a violation of your duty as a pharmacists. It’s my role, working with you, to prepare enough facts to prepare an answer, which is our first response to the complaint. And then to work with you, going through all of the facts, the medical records, talking with witnesses if necessary, and talking with experts to put together a package proving that what you did or didn’t do was justified and within the standard of care of pharmacy. And then we can use that strength to meet and negotiate with the Board of Pharmacy and attempt to do one of two things. Either have this case dismissed or obtain a settlement that is reasonable to you and allows you to keep practicing pharmacy.

If on the other hand you’ve received an investigative letter, this is very early in the process. You can still practice pharmacy. There has been no action against your license. And one of the most important things is that the investigative process is not open to the public. So we can do one of three things. Do nothing and force the state to prove their case or prepare a detailed response, a written response, and or attend an interview. In the written response its my role, the role of a professional licensing attorney to work with you to prepare all of the facts and evidence to justify what you did or didn’t do and submit that to the investigator for the Board of Pharmacy.

Through this processes we can often have these complaints dismissed or we can obtain a very early settlement with very minimal licensing action against you and that will allow you to continue to practice pharmacy.

Regardless of what the letter is that you’ve received, contact a professional licensing attorney. We can work with you to achieve the best result so that you can continue to do what you’ve been trained for, what you love, practice pharmacy.

Being a nurse is a rewarding and privileged profession. Daily you are called upon to make difficult decisions that effect the lives of so many people, and now you need help. If you’ve received a phone call or an investigation letter from the state licensing board or the Department of Health ((DOH) (MDCH)), do not talk to the state investigator until you’ve equaled the playing field by retaining competent professional licensing counsel.

If you have already spoken to the investigator, call me Ron Chapman, as soon as possible. Remember, the investigator works for the State and is not your friend. The investigator has one goal, to collect sufficient facts to prove that you violated one or more licensing regulations. Do not help the investigator by giving a confession, verifying facts or making an uninformed statement.

I’ve had the privilege of working with healthcare professionals for over twenty years. Please call me, Ron Chapman. The first thirty minutes is free. Together we can protect your license and your livelihood.