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Video: Failed Drug Test Triggers Disciplinary Action With Boards

Advice for physician, nurses and health professionals that have failed a drug test and are facing licensing action from the Department of Health, LARA, Board of Medicine or Nursing Board.

Video Transcription

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. As a professional licensing attorney representing doctors and nurses and other health care professionals, one of the most significant questions I’m asked is what to do when you’ve failed a drug test.

First, don’t panic. There are things we can do to ensure you continue to practice medicine, or nursing or other health care professions. Secondly, if the drug test was a pre-employment drug test or a drug test offered by your employer there is another very significant issue and that is, you may be facing an emergency suspension or summary suspension. If that happens please contact an attorney immediately because time is of the essence to file and appeal with the Court of Appeals in order to get your license back.

Remember, the facts are very specific here and there are things we can do to put you on the right track. Don’t do anything until you contact a professional licensing attorney to give you the guidance to help you protect your license.