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Video: Nurse Practice Act Violations

Advice for nurses accused of violating the Nurse Practice Act or Public Health Code Act. Attorneys for nurses with Board of Nursing investigations, Department of Health investigations, licensing complaints, emergency suspensions, etc. in Michigan and Florida.

Video Transcription

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. As a professional licensing attorney representing doctors and nurses and other health professionals, I’m often called by nurses who have been accused of violating the Nurse Practice Act either by a letter of investigation from the Department of Health or they have been terminated by their employer and they know they’re employer is going to be filing a complaint with the Department of Health.

First and foremost, don not panic. Whether or not you violated the Nurse Practice Act depends upon the specific facts. It depends upon exactly what you did or did not do. It depends upon your training, your specialty. It depends upon the standard of care that’s applicable to you.

These are things that a professional licensing attorney can help you asses and put together in the absolute best package to either present to the Department of Health or to present in an administrative hearing and protect your license.