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Will IPN protect my license?

Yes, IPN can help protect your license, but there are also other options that can help protect your license. The untold truth is that Florida’s Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) is a long, intrusive and expensive program. Many find it very difficult to maintain the requirements to prevent reporting and licensing action with the board.

Your colleagues and employer may have suggested voluntary enrollment in Florida’s IPN program and may have told you that IPN is the only way to prevent licensing action. This is a common misconception about the IPN program. There are other options that can be just as effective in preventing licensing action. They are often less intrusive and less expensive than IPN.

Another misconception is that IPN may be cheaper than hiring an attorney to defend a licensing action. Depending on the requirements that IPN imposes, IPN could end up costing you significantly more than an attorney.

Please contact a professional licensing attorney to help you evaluate whether IPN is a good option. All too often we are called after a IPN agreement has been signed and the licensee can no longer maintain the requirements. It becomes more difficult and expensive to attempt to reduce IPN requirements once an agreement has been signed. Failure of the licensee to comply with the IPN requirements can result in suspension and revocation of their license.